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The foundation of your commercial property must be well maintained and cared for. If there’s damage to the building’s foundation, this can lead to other structural issues down the road. If you’ve noticed problems with leveling, if there are squeaking sounds when you step on tile, or if you notice spongy/bouncy areas under wood flooring, these are all possible signs of foundational and structural damage. The sooner you have commercial foundation repair work done, the easier it will be to minimize further damage. Furthermore, if we can get to the problem before it becomes a major concern we can minimize the amount of money it is going to cost for you to perform necessary structural repair work. 

Our commercial services

We service the Lafayette area, and neighboring regions, performing commercial foundation repair services. Among the services we can perform on your commercial property include

  • Assessment of your property, the foundation, and siding
  • Foundation repair
  • Improving the leveling/grounding of a structure if there is dipping or other problems below your flooring
  • Installation of new foundation, cement pouring, or other structural services

If there are problems with the foundation, this can lead to other major structural damage. For example, the siding might come crumbling or caving in if you do not address problems with the building’s structure. Or, settling, cracks, and other damage, can even lead to possible roofing damage down the road. Therefore, it is important to address these issues as soon as they are spotted, to avoid major complications, and costlier repairs later on down the road for your business. 

Why hire us?

Our contractors are fully licensed and bonded for foundation repair work, leveling, and structural repair service needs. Additionally, our company is bonded to perform general repairs and foundation work on commercial properties. Our team will utilize the latest methods for repair, excavation, cleaning, or leveling work they have to complete. And, we are going to work with state of the art, commercial-grade repair equipment, to ensure we get the job done the first time around, and to ensure you don’t have to deal with future problems as it relates to the property’s structure and damage. 

Our specialists will provide you with a fully detailed price quote, so you are aware of the damage, and which areas they feel should be addressed as soon as possible. There’s no job we can’t complete. If you would like to have your property assessed, or if you need to have commercial foundation repair work done immediately, do not hesitate to reach out to our team in Lafayette today. We’re here to help! 

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured commercial foundation repair specialists in Lafayette. We offer free service quotes for our commercial customers, so feel free to contact us today to schedule a site visit so we can assess your property and the foundation damage you need repaired. Call us at 337-267-8767 or email us today so we can schedule your site visit and provide you with a detailed service quote for commercial repair needs.


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