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You want to hire the best mudjacking service in Lafayette, LA. You want a great combination of cost-effectiveness and longevity. You are looking for experience and expertise as well. Lafayette Foundation Repair Pros combines all these. We offer mudjacking services to the residents and businesses in Lafayette and the surrounding area. We claim to provide the best mudjacking service since we understand the industry and know how to satisfy our customers with a customized and lasting solution. We are not limited to the mudjacking services only. People find us worth spending on a wide range of services related to the concrete. 

What We Offer

Lafayette Foundation Repair Pros can help you with a concrete solution. If you are planning for a concrete installation, we can help you with the best possible solution. We lead the industry with our cost-effectiveness, quality material, durable solutions, and a friendly approach. We deal with every project with utmost care regardless of the size and type. We can expect a cost-effective solution for foundation repairs as well as installations. You can hire us for foundation repair, pier and beam foundation, concrete driveways, or sidewalks. We work for both commercial and residential properties. If you are planning for mudjacking, you can talk to our experts to get a quality solution. 


Mudjacking, also known as slab leveling, concrete lifting, or slab jacking is a simple and effective way to fix some concrete settlement issues. This process lifts a concrete slab that has holes and then uses a mixture of sand, soil, water, and cement beneath the slab to lift it. The mixture is called mud. It provides a stable and solid fill to bring back the functionality of that slab. 

Mudjacking needs special expertise and you cannot do it without skill and the right equipment. Therefore, you should always hire professionals to take care of your project to get the best outcome. We are thoroughly experienced and understand the local soil condition and its unique requirements. We plan the solution after taking every factor into account to offer a durable result. 

We use mudjacking for two primary applications, fill voids and raising any interior floor. The key benefit of the mudjacking is that we can help you to treat the condition any time you want without bothering much about the weather. It can work well in harsh and unfavorable weather conditions.

Our solutions are fast and durable. We can complete your project in the minimum possible time, even within a few hours depending on the severity. For larger works, we might take a day. We try to finish the work on the same day. Once it is installed, you can use the slab immediately without long waiting periods. The slab will be ready within 48 hours. 

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We are skilled, experienced, affordable, and reliable. We offer high-quality repair and installation to stand second to none. Yes, you can ask us for a no-obligation quote. We offer a free quote on all our repair and installation services. Talk to us at 337-267-8767 now to get your initial free evaluation!


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